Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing.. A bit like flying!

The excitement of skiing without borders

Skiing in Valcanale means taking breathtaking routes that meet the expectations of skiers looking for panoramic and technical ski runs. It means being amazed by unique scenarios such as the Sanctuary of Mount Lussari, and above all, it means forgetting the stress of mass skiing. The skiing facility in Tarvisio and Sella Nevea, represented by 25 km of skiing areas, is especially suitable for experienced skiers and offers the opportunity to try technical and exciting ski runs. The “Di Prampero” ski run in Camporosso stands out, with its 4 km and almost 1,000 metres of difference in altitude, queen of the alpine ski runs of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the scene of Women’s World Cup Super G competitions.

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Italian skiing and Snowboard school Evolution 3 Lands

Alpine, Snowboard, Cross country, Freestyle and Freeride Skiing School
headquarters: Via Roma 62, Tarvisio; Campo Scuola Evoland: Piazzale Nuova Priesnig, Via degli Alpini 3, Tarvisio.
+39 0428 644191/ +39 3665209907

Italian Tarvisio Skiing School

Alpine, Snowboard, Telemark and Cross country Skiing School Sede: Via Priesnig 40, Tarvisio.
+39 0428 2022

Sella Nevea skiing School

Alpine and Snowboard Skiing School
Location: P.le Slovenia, Sella Nevea -Chiusaforte UD

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