Play Areas

Play areas in Tarvisio, Fun Bob and Zipline!

Guaranteed fun among inflatables and the crazy itinerary of the bobsleigh on rails

In Tarvisio, fun for young and old is guaranteed. The play area on Piana dell ‘Angelo offers large and small inflatable games, grass bikes, summer tubing (summer inflatables), bobsleighs on grass, bobsleighs on rails and the new zipline!

PromoTurismo FVG Tarvisio
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You go in as a curious beginner and come out an enthusiastic expert

“Adventure Park” means having fun being surrounded by nature, venturing on paths suspended among the trees and putting yourself to the test. With full respect for the environment and in total safety, you can fly between trees by sliding on a pulley, balance on Tibetan logs or bridges, climb, and much more on the five paths of increasing difficulty.

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Training areas for big and small alike

The villages of Valcanale offer places to let off steam and leisure areas for children of all ages. Areas with swings, slides and much more. With small restaurants nearby for refreshments. Always and in any case immersed in the greenery that characterizes the valley and its activities.

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