The Pump Track itinerary has straight and curved sections with humps, speed bumps and parabolic curves suited to all types of sports combination ready for users’ recreation and fun.
The aim of this activity is to finalize the track getting to the end without pedaling, using only the “pump” push of the body created by the constant movement of extension and bend.
This facility is suitable both for children that are becoming familiar with bikes or adults who want to improve their riding techniques.
On the track are allowed: balance bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates or mountain bikes.

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For rental, maintenance and accompaniment:
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An exemplary case of an old railway line conversion, the Alpe Adria Cycle-path unites Italy, Austria and Slovenia in a single route, along the Valcanale and the Canal del Ferro valleys located at the extreme North-Eastern strip of Italy. The route is suitable for cyclists of every level. It winds for over 61 km, crosses 592 metres of iron bridges and 3,739 metres of tunnels and offers wonderful landscape views, so much so that it is considered among the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe! Delightful villages, natural monuments, interesting tourist attractions and magnificent landscapes will accompany you from the Alps to the sea, riding your faithful travel companion, the bicycle!


Two kilometres, with a slight slope, suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs for the disabled, mountain bikes and bicycles. A barrier-free path allows everyone, no one excluded, to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the alpine landscape beauty, breathe the bracing air and the cosy atmosphere of the woods. A valley floor route connects the Alpe Adria Cycle Route with the centre of Valbruna: the queen of the Julian Alps!

STARTING POINT: at Fort Beisner “Opera 4” along the municipal road between Ugovizza and Valbruna
ARRIVAL: Valbruna – town
LENGTH: 2 km.


The extraordinary mix of ambitious climbs to the alpine passes through the Tre Confini territory (Three Borders). Long flat stretches along the valley floor make Valcanale an undisputed paradise for road cycling enthusiasts. Dreaming of wearing the pink jersey (symbol of the Italian bike tour), you can try the epic mountain stages such as the Piani del Montasio, the Pramollo Pass, the Ugovizza valleys, the Vrsic (SLO) and the Wurzenpass (AT), the Alpenstrasse del Dobratsch (AT), the Cason Pass of Lanza and the Pass del Predil.


Mountain biking is a way to discover places far from traffic and to combine the love for nature with the pleasure of doing sports. The Valcanale is full of routes suitable for this discipline and offers a visit to appealing environments such as the Ugovizza valley, the Bartolo and Camporosso Valley, the Rio Freddo Valley and the Fusine lakes. There is never any boredom for mountain bikers and free-riders, who will be able to enjoy forest roads, retrace the old military routes and enjoy easy paths through woods and meadows.

Some classic routes are: 

Ring route of Val Saisera, Val Bartolo, Alpe di Ugovizza, Val Rauna, Malga Meseznig, Nordio shelter, Mount Acomizza, Mount Goriane, Mount Forno, Mount Lussari, Zacchi Shelter, Rio Freddo valley, Cappella Zita, Malga Strachizza, Malga Ciurciule, Sella Collarice, Grego shelter, Valbruna plain and Opera4.

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