Cave del Predil Museum Centre

Cave del Predil Museum Centre

Cave del Predil Museum Centre

A journey into the world of mines and miners of the past

The Cave del Predil museum complex combines the Historical Military Museum of the Julian Alps, the Geomining International Park, created after the interruption of the mining activity so it could be visited, with the Museum of mining tradition, Miniera Lab. Supporting the visiting experience is a documentary path giving a complete understanding of the mine’s history and peculiarities. An articulated proposal in which history, work, environment and memory are intertwined, creating an unforgettable experience.

The Historical Military Museum of the Julian Alps offers a walk through history to understand the territory where important war events occurred. Here, there is extensive documentation (also of different nationalities), also finds and objects, dating back to the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War.

The Museum of mining tradition Miniera Lab traces, inside the prestigious location of the building that once housed the mine management offices, the materials related to its complex history, which over time have characterized the life of this town and its inhabitants.

The Geomining International Park gives visitors the chance to explore part of the tunnels.
The guided tour takes about an hour and catapults the tourist into a very different place with respect to other tourist destinations. Here darkness and humidity reign. But that’s the charm… The park is home to one of Europe’s most important lead and zinc mines, discovered in Roman times and active in the 18th century until 1990. It is a journey to the centre of the earth to discover minerals and extraction techniques, but above all, to understand the effort of those who worked inside its bowels for centuries. The former miners and their descendants accompany the visitor on this adventure. They are the only ones able to transmit the sensations and memories of such a special place.

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