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July – Tarvisio

One of the major music festivals in the Northeast, the No Borders Music Festival, has been animating the Tarvisio summer for over twenty years. Organized by the Tarvisio Tourism Promotion Consortium, it aims to enhance music as a form of culture and a means of communication able to be understood by everyone beyond ethnic, linguistic, social and geographical boundaries. It reflects the quality of a unique area such as Tarvisio, located between Austria and Slovenia, characterized by multilingualism and multicultural aspects. Leading national and international artists perform in the square of Tarvisio or in beautiful natural surroundings such as the Fusine lakes or the slopes of Mount Canin at an altitude of 1850 metres.

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August 15 – Tarvisio

The August 15 holiday in Tarvisio is enlivened by costumes, music, folklore and traditions and animated by the Alpenfest parade. Folklore groups from the Valley, the region and across the border parade along the village streets and open the village fair every year, enlivened by artisan stalls, food and wine stands and good music. Carriages with mighty Noriker horses accompany the festive children along Via Roma, closed to traffic for the occasion. It is a dive into a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere of folklore, music and good taste.

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End of July/Early August – Tarvisio

Tarvisio Young was born with the need to provide space for local musicians to showcase not only their skills, but all their passion for music.
Tarvisio has always been, and still is, a hothouse of artists and music lovers, ranging from the most varied genres: from classical music to heavy metal, passing through pop, rock and blues, without forgetting the important folk genre, which for generations has gladdened village festivals and fairs with its unmistakable mark.

Tarvisio Young

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August – Tarvisio and Malborghetto

The exhibition is aimed at all mountain enthusiasts in its various aspects, from sporting to historical and cultural: under the lens, therefore, not only forests, mountaineers and alpine peaks but also and above all men and women who, with their way of being, with their history and their memories, enliven and experience mountain valleys daily.


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3rd and 4th weekends of August – Val Bartolo

Open Alpine Chalets is one of the most popular events in the area. It is a festival dedicated to nature, the discovery of flavours, music and joy. On this occasion, the private chalets of the enchanting Val Bartolo open their doors to visitors to offer a taste of typical mountain dishes and to spread joy. The festival can be reached on foot or by bicycle along the dirt road from the Valley, leading to Camporosso.

Baite Aperte

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1St Sunday of August – Mount Goriane

On the first Sunday in August, the alp of Mount Goriane, at the border between Italy and Austria, hosts the traditional Friendship Festival. People can reach the top of the mountain on foot, starting from Coccau (Tarvisio). The festival is a moment of encounter between the Carinthian and Friulian peoples, and is one of the first examples of cross-border collaboration.
Music, gastronomy and a non-competitive march.


1St Sunday of September – Mount Forno

Every year on Mount Forno, the mountain of the three borders (Italy, Slovenia and Austria), the friendship festival is celebrated among the three populations. Music, folklore, food and wine in the name of multiculturalism make this festival an opportunity to meet in a unique setting seasoned with the authentic and genuine spirit that only the mountain can give.
You can reach the festival from Italy for a short stretch by car along the road that leads from Fusine to the mountain (road marked by the chart). The route continues on foot from the Italian side along the mountain path (about 45 min. walk). From Austria, at Seltschach in the municipality of Arnoldstein, you can reach the top of Mount Forno by chairlift.

Mount Forno Friendship Festival

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January 1 – Camporosso

The New Year celebrations cannot ignore an appointment that is now unmissable for locals and visitors: the torchlight procession of January 1 that every year descends to illuminate the Prampero ski run.
A large group of skiers dressed in traditional costume leave around 6 pm from the top of Mount Lussari to arrive in the village, in Camporosso, where the people’s warmth awaits them, with the scent of vin brûlé (warm wine) and the crackling fire that is lit by their torches. The village dresses up for the occasion that lasts all afternoon with colourful and fragrant stalls to wish everyone a happy new year. The torchlight procession ends with a fireworks display.

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January – Pontebba

Every year the international snow sculpture festival offers, besides the competition between great artists and snow and ice sculptors, snowshoeing, kiosks and food and wine tastings, agri-food market of the three borders and figure skating shows.


July – Pontebba

The summer version of Snow Art, the international hay sculpture festival, offers, in addition to the artists’ competition, workshops, music, children’s games, themed walks, exhibitions and markets.

Snow & Fen Art

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