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May – Malborghetto

The Maja is a tradition celebrated in the regions of Malborghetto, Camporosso and Coccau in May (Maja derives from Majbaum, which in German means the May tree or elsewhere called the spring tree). It’s a propitiatory rite for the harvest. It is the task of the “conscripts” that is the boys who turn 18, to cut the tree, bring it to the village accompanied by songs and dances and, once decorated with crowns of fir branches and paper flowers, hoist it high in the centre of the village. The Maja festival takes place between songs and dances and ends when the effort of arms and legs has been enough to hoist the tree.

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June – Val Saisera and Malborghetto

Resonance is a music festival in the woods that invites the musicians to play right where the instruments were born, at the foot of the spruce from which the resonance wood derives, the one with the fastest diffusion of sound. Many of the festival events take place in the woods of Val Saisera. While in Malborghetto, which for the occasion turns into a splendid outdoor lounge, theatrical performances, guided walks, exhibitions, violin making workshops, children’s shows, evening concerts by candlelight, themed dinners, and other moments of entertainment are organized in the three days of the festival. A concert among the green areas of the forest surrounded by the majestic peaks of the mountains: here is the unmissable opportunity to rediscover and experience this beautiful natural heritage, visit the origins of sound, and get involved in the dialogue between the instrument and the musician, between nature and music.

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The towns dress up to celebrate the local patron. Food and wine stands, stages for traditional music and platforms for local dancers are set up. Participate in one of these summer events so you can get to know the community better by having fun together!
The gardens of the village of Valbruna open to the public for the occasion and host the craft market. Here you can admire the artisans carving wood, taste local delicacies and breathe the pure air that descends downstream from the peaks of the Julian Alps.

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July – Valbruna

NanoValbruna is the Youth Forum for ReGeneration, an international festival that brings scientists, entrepreneurs, professors, professionals, journalists and above all young people to Friuli, in the heart of the Julian Alps (in Valbruna), to talk about innovation, the environment and regeneration. The watchword is “participate in change” and these are the appointments to do not miss:

B.A.I.T.E. Innovation Award: An international contest aimed at young people and their ideas for innovative start-ups, conceived as a real educational path with dedicated meetings and workshops;
NanoPiçule: Interactive and fun science workshops designed for young children;
Data Café: Short presentations aimed at stimulating discussions on scientific data;
Workshops, Panels and Meetings With: Training courses, meetings and comparisons between young people and Festival guests;
Local experience: Proposals for sustainable tourism open to all and designed to introduce the beauty, history and traditions of this extraordinary corner of the earth.

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September –  Ugovizza

It’s time to bring the cattle down from the pastures to the warm stables in view of the freezing winter. During the days of the Transhumance, cows, horses and sheep are blessed and decorated for the occasion and paraded to the party area. Here farmers and guests celebrate the success of the summer season with singing, dancing and traditional food. Valcanale hunting horn players and other local musicians enliven the atmosphere with their music and singing.

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At dusk on December 5, they descend from the mountains and come out of the woods, devilish creatures, wild spirits, called Krampus.
They accompany San Nicolò, the good saint, whose task it is to keep them at bay
San Nicolò calls the children one by one, asks them for a prayer and to promise to be good in exchange for a small gift.
The Krampus, meanwhile, are up against the meanest young men, while waiting for them in the squares of the villages of Malborghetto, Tarvisio, Tarvisio Centrale, Loc.
Rutte Grande and Pontebba there are shows, vin brûlé (warm wine) kiosks, hot and sweet drinks.
San Nicolò and the Krampus are fascinating traditions for the local population and tourists who come from afar.

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December – Valbruna

A romantic route through the woods of the Valbruna plain, among trees and small huts where you can sip hot drinks and enjoy some cakes, listen to the traditional music of a zither or admire artefacts of local craftsmanship, including beautiful sculptures and silhouettes of the solstice tradition. A walk dominated by the snow-capped peaks of the Julian Alps, perhaps aboard a horse-drawn sledge, will allow you to take part in small priceless events, in a Christmas experience to remember. At nightfall, the flames of lanterns will envelop the forest and illuminate the path making the experience even more magical and exciting! On the Valbruna plain, the animals in a small stable surround the nativity scene, while the music of the Alpenhorn plays softly. At the same time, in the old stavoli (typical mountain buildings), there is singing and music around the fire, with legends and stories that warm the hearts and long nights of the solstice. It is a moment to become children again, at least for a day… And experience the magic of this extraordinary waiting period leading to Christmas.

Advent pur the magic of advent in Malborghetto Valbruna

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December 31 – Valbruna

The people of Valbruna and their guests descend the meadows of the Valbruna plain wearing traditional clothes and bringing with them fiery torches, creating a fascinating snake-like procession. The parade ends in the meadows in front of the Alimentari Fiorini grocery shop for a toast, propitious songs and good wishes for a happy new year.

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