San Nicolò and the Krampus

A spooky…tradition!

At dusk on December 5, they descend from the mountains and come out of the woods, devilish creatures, wild spirits, called Krampus. They accompany San Nicolò, the good saint, whose task it is to keep them at baySan Nicolò calls the children one by one, asks them for a prayer and to promise to be good in exchange for a small gift.The Krampus, meanwhile, are up against the meanest young men, while waiting for them in the squares of the villages of Malborghetto, Tarvisio, Tarvisio Centrale, Loc.Rutte Grande and Pontebba there are shows, vin brûlé (warm wine) kiosks, hot and sweet drinks. San Nicolò and the Krampus are fascinating traditions for the local population and tourists who come from afar.

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